McIntosh Pools is a locally owned and family run swimming pool construction company servicing the greater Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area. McIntosh Pools is dedicated to providing customers with unsurpassed customer care and service throughout the process of purchasing, constructing and maintaining of your new in-ground swimming pool.

The McIntosh name has been a part of several local businesses dating back to the 1930’s and continues today with unparalleled focus on quality customer care, integrity of process and unmatched follow through which helps create a value for our customers that just can’t be found anywhere else.

McIntosh Pools was formed by two brothers, Steve McIntosh and James McIntosh and continues to build off of our family’s timeless traditions and values dating back almost 100 years; always treat the customer with care and respect.

James has over a combined 25 years of experience in customer service and sales along with a combined 15 years of backyard water sales and experience. Steve brings a combined 20 years experience with business and project management to our valued customers. Teamed together James and Steve can offer seamless continuity to your in-ground pool construction project. From picking out your new swimming pool to sitting on your new pool’s edge with your feet in the water, McIntosh Pools will make you feel confident and comfortable that you’ve made the right decision for your swimming pool contractor.